What Eats Bees?


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Many animals, such as skunks, badgers, hedgehogs, fox, minks, weasels, bear and mice, eat bees, as do several types of birds and many insects. However, there is no mammal that specifically preys on bees.

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What Eats Bees?
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Bee-eaters, summer tanagers, spotted flycatchers, tits and shrikes are birds known to remove the bee's stinger before they consume its honey stomach, located in its abdomen. Woodpeckers, kingfishers, martins, swifts, mockingbirds and thrushes are birds that eat bees occasionally, when the meal is readily available. Crab spiders ambush bees when they land on flowers, and beewolves are wasps that hunt and paralyze bumblebees to feed to their young.

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