What Eats Badgers?


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The most common predators that eat badgers include bobcats, golden eagles, cougars and coyotes. Young badgers are mainly at risk of becoming eaten by these animals. Humans also cause a threat to badgers due to poisoning, destruction of their habitat, automobile accidents and hunting.

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Badgers are solitary creatures and only active at night, and they are not very active during the winter. They do not go into full hibernation mode during the winter, but badgers do spend the majority of it sleeping in their dens. Badgers mainly dig their burrows to catch their prey, but they also use them for sleeping. With an carnivorous diet, badgers typically eat ground squirrels, amphibians, skunks, insects, voles, deer mice and prairie dogs. Badgers are great diggers and catch most of their prey by tunneling through the soil to catch rodents.

Badgers can be found in the Great Plains region of the United States, but they are also found in western Canadian Providences. Their habitats mainly consist of dry and open grasslands, fields and alpine meadows. Wild badgers live around 4 to 10 years, while badgers in captivity have lived as long as 14 years. Badgers sometimes cause problems for horses and cattle. The holes they dig are just large enough for cattle and horses to step in and break their legs.

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