What Eats American Bullfrogs?

Predators of American bullfrogs are herons, water snakes, turtles, egrets and raccoons. These predators eat bullfrog eggs, tadpoles and adult bullfrogs. Humans also hunt these aquatic frogs for their meat, especially their legs.

American bullfrogs are native to North America, and their range extends from Nova Scotia to parts of Florida, as well as different areas of the United States like Wisconsin and the Great Plains.

In these geographic areas, bullfrogs live near water sources, such as lakes, ponds, swamps and shallow river waters. In their habitats, American bullfrogs are carnivores, and they prey on insects, worms, crayfish, fish and other frogs.

American bullfrogs can weigh about 1 pound and be about 8 inches in length. These frogs have color variations that can range from brownish green to green. Their average lifespan in the wild can range from 7 to 9 years. However, in captivity, a bullfrog’s lifespan can be about 16 years.