What Are Some Easy Ways to Train Your Dog?

What Are Some Easy Ways to Train Your Dog?

Techniques to make dog training sessions easier include keeping the sessions short; using simple, short and consistent commands; using rewards; understanding the dog; training in different places; and keeping the training sessions fun. There are numerous benefits to training a pet dog, such as improving the lives of both the pet and the owner, strengthening the bond between them and keeping the pet safe, notes the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The following are some tips for how to train dogs more easily.

  • Short training sessions
  • Dogs are like children in the sense that they have short attention spans. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep the training sessions to within 15 minutes or less. In that span of time, an owner can work on one new skill or switch between a few different skills.

  • Short, simple and consistent commands
  • Keeping commands short and consistent will help the dog understand them better.

  • Reward system
  • When the dog displays positive behavior or executes a skill properly, reward it with affection, treats or both. If it misbehaves or misses a skill, take away the reward. This should be done consistently.

  • Understand the dog
  • Dogs have different learning abilities. Observe how the dog responds and what it responds to better.

  • Train in different places
  • Training in various locations will teach the dog not to associate the skills with just a specific place.

  • Keep the training fun
  • Training sessions should take place when both the owner and the dog are enjoying the sessions and should end when either one becomes bored to avoid losing the dog's interest.