How Do You Easily Incubate and Hatch Chicken Eggs at Home?

Hatching chickens at home is not as difficult as it may seem, but it requires an incubator, proper temperature and proper humidity. Eggs need to be turned three to five times per day at regular intervals. Eggs hatch in approximately 21 days.

There are many varieties of incubators, so picking the right one takes some time and research. The most important thing is the get the incubator plugged in and warmed up to a steady temperature before putting the eggs in. The correct temperature depends on what type of incubator is purchased, so the buyer needs to follow the instructions that come with the incubator.

Humidity is an important factor too and should stay a constant 45 to 50 percent from day one through day 18 and at 65 percent for the last few days. The correct humidity keeps the air bubble inside the egg from getting too big and lessening essential fluids the chick needs.

Turning the eggs is crucial during the first 14 days. If the eggs are not turned, the embryo could develop abnormally. Eggs should always be positioned as they would lie naturally on a flat surface, with the large end slightly higher than the small end.