What Is the Easiest and Safest Way to Kill Squirrels?


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The simplest and safest way to kill squirrels is to trap them, preferably by hiring a professional animal control expert to lay the traps and handle the animals. Although many people attempt to kill squirrels by poisoning, it has numerous drawbacks. Squirrel hunters also use small-gauge weapons to make lethal shots.

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The two most popular options for squirrel removal are trapping and poisoning, of which trapping is the superior. Most pest poisons are designed for rats, not squirrels; consequently, they do not appeal to squirrels, and do not affect them in the same way if squirrels do take the bait. Furthermore, squirrel poisoning is often illegal, and the animal, after being poisoned, can wander and rot on the property, causing sanitary problems.

Trapping squirrels most often means live trapping, rather than killing them, as setting lethal traps presents legal issues and requires more expertise. There are several kinds of lethal squirrel traps, including body grip traps and tube traps. Only professionals should dispatch these traps.

Squirrels are also popular game animals in some areas, and killing a squirrel by shooting it requires no more than a simple BB gun or a .22 rifle. This is a somewhat more complicated method than trapping, as it is not passive and requires good aim. Although it doesn't take a high-caliber bullet to take a squirrel down, they are small, fast and arboreal, which can make for tricky shots.

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