What Is an Ear Hematoma in Dogs?


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According to Pet MD, a canine ear hematoma or canine aural hematoma is a blood accumulation in the flap of the ear. This condition is caused by an infection or irritation that aggravates the animal into shaking its head until a hematoma is formed. It is also caused by an allergic reaction, blood clot or immune disease. These causes are more rare.

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What Is an Ear Hematoma in Dogs?
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Pet MD states that the main sign of a hematoma is the swelling of the whole ear or a portion of the affected ear. Hematomas can form in both ears simultaneously or can be isolated to one ear.

Pet MD describes an ear hematoma as a collection of blood and fluid between the skin and cartilage of the ear of a dog due to a ruptured blood vessel. Seeking immediate medical attention is advised, as a delay in treatment can lead to permanent disfigurement. All dog breeds are capable of developing an ear hematoma, but breeds with floppy ears are more susceptible. The most common treatment is a surgical procedure in which the accumulated blood is drained, and the ear tissue is sutured. Afterwards the instigating irritant is identified and treated. An alternate procedure substitutes sutures for taping and bandaging the affected ear after draining.

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