What Are Some Duties of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife?


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The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is responsible for overseeing fishing, hunting, outdoor recreation and conservation efforts. It issues hunting and fishing licenses, educates the public about conservation and local wildlife, and enforces state regulations that relate to preserving the state's natural resources.

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The Wildlife Division of the ODFW is divided into the Conservation, Game and Habitat Programs. The Conservation Program's goal is to preserve Oregon's natural heritage by properly managing and protecting its fish and wildlife populations. The program identifies at-risk species and provides data to help craft appropriate conservation regulations for these animals. Together with the state's Marine Resources Program and the Nearshore Strategy division, it oversees marine mammal health. It also implements strategies to keep Oregon's native wildlife from becoming threatened or endangered.

The Game Program helps manage wildlife populations and maintains relationships with large landowners to facilitate proper population oversight. It conducts surveys of game animals to ascertain the health of the populations, and conducts hunter surveys to keep track of harvested numbers. The Game Program also addresses the problem of disease in wild populations.

The ODFW Habitat Program manages Oregon's wildlife areas, including the Fern Ridge Wildlife Area, Lower Deschutes Wildlife Area and Willow Creek Wildlife Area. The program's scientists conduct wildlife research and offer conservation strategies to private landowners. It also oversees the state's habitat recovery projects following wildfires, including the reseeding of the land. The Habitat Program works with the ODFW's other divisions to support land and water conservation according to Oregon state regulations.

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