What Is Dust Free Cat Litter?


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Dust-free cat litter is an absorbent material used to absorb and bury cat urine and feces in such a way that the litter does not generate small particulate matter. Clay-based cat litters, made up of numerous fine particles, generate dust that can irritate the respiratory system.

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Clay-based litters are very popular, but dust-free alternatives include cat litters made from vegetable material, such as shredded newspaper or pine pellets. Common dust-free clumping litters also contain clay, but the main absorbent component of these litters is sodium bentotite, a material that does not generate dust. Sand-based litters, called crystal litters, also do not generate dust. Another dust-free kind of cat litter is corn litter. Corn litter utilizes corn kernels to absorb urine and feces.

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