What Are the Dumbest Dog Breeds?

The Afghan Hound is considered by many to be the least intelligent dog breed followed, by Basenji, Bulldog, Borzoi, Bloodhound, Pekingese, Beagle, Mastiff and Basset Hound. As dog intelligence rankings are often based on obedience level, this makes the title of least intelligent deceiving. Many dogs on the least intelligent list are used in police work, or for hunting, such as Bloodhounds and Beagles, so it is clear that the training an individual dog receives can make a big difference as well.

Intelligence is difficult to measure in dogs, and many dogs that are often considered the least intelligent are surprisingly smart. Since the Afghan Hound was bred to hunt independently of its master, their independence indicates a high level of instinctive intelligence, even though they tend to top the list of "least intelligent" breeds overall.

Breeds that are considered the most intelligent were bred to carry out specific commands as dictated by their master. However, because they are not meant to perform tasks independently and rely heavily on commands, they are determined to be more intelligent than other breeds.