What Is a Dudley Labrador?


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A Dudley Labrador is a Labrador retriever without the normal pigmentation of the skin. This is most obvious at the nose, gums and rim of the eye, which are normally black or dark brown but appear pink in Dudley Labradors.

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Dudley Labradors owe their coloration to two pairs of recessive genes. One gene pair blocks the production of the black pigment eumelanin while allowing expression of the red pigment pheomelanin. This typically results in the coloration of a yellow Lab, but the other gene pair restricts the expression of pigment to the coat, leaving the skin without normal coloring. Dudley coloration is a disqualifying fault in the show ring under American Kennel Club standards, but dogs of this coloration may compete in obedience and other canine disciplines.

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