How Is the Drug Rimadyl Used by Veterinarians?


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Veterinarians prescribe Rimadyl to treat inflammation in dogs, especially for inflammation due to arthritis and hip dysplasia, according to petMD. They also use it to alleviate pain and inflammation in dogs following surgical procedures.

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Rimadyl, whose generic name is carprofen, is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, or NSAID, explains petMD. It reduces the body's production of certain enzymes that cause pain and swelling. Rimadyl is only available by prescription. It comes in oral caplets or chewables in doses of 25 milligrams, 75 milligrams and 100 milligrams, and it is also available as an injectable.

Gastrointestinal issues may arise in dogs who take Rimadyl, cautions petMD. Dogs taking this medication may experience abdominal pain, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and black, tarry stools. They may develop ulcers or liver or kidney damage, and they may become dehydrated. Unusual aggression may occur as well. Because of the possibility of renal and hepatic damage, veterinarians must use caution when prescribing Rimadyl's for dogs with existing kidney or liver disease.

Rimadyl may have negative interactions when used with other NSAIDs, corticosteroids, diuretics and other drugs that negatively impact the digestive tract, notes petMD. There has been little research on this drug's effect on pregnant or lactating dogs and on dogs under 6 weeks old. Veterinarians may use Rimadyl cautiously to treat cats, but there is insufficient research on the medication's effects on cats, and the manufacturer does not recommend Rimadyl's use in cats.

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