How Do You Draw a Zebra?

How Do You Draw a Zebra?

To draw a zebra, lightly sketch shapes for positioning, draw the head, connect the head to the body, add the legs, sketch the mane and tail, and add details. Drawing a zebra takes roughly 15 minutes and requires paper, a pencil and an eraser.

  1. Sketch the frame

    Using a light touch, sketch a large oval for the body in the center of the paper. Add a circle just below it and to the right to position the head. Connect the two shapes with a curved line.

  2. Sketch the head

    The zebra's head is down as if eating, so position the muzzle accordingly. Draw a blunt cone shape on the bottom of the circle. Add a small triangle to the right for the ear. Erase the line between the circle and the muzzle.

  3. Draw the neck

    Following the curve of the original line, connect the oval to the circle with two parallel lines. The neck should be a little wider near the body. Erase the line of the positioning oval between the neck lines.

  4. Add the legs

    Sketch four tall cones on the bottom of the oval. Position them so that two of the cones are slightly behind the other two to represent the legs that are farther away. Erase the oval lines between the front legs and the body.

  5. Add the mane and tail

    Following the curve of the neck, draw a wedge shape to represent the mane. The mane should not be taller than the ear. Draw a curved triangle from the rear quarters for the tail. Top the triangle with a leaf shape.

  6. Draw the hooves

    Draw a trapezoid at the bottom of each leg. Add a line from the bottom to halfway up each trapezoid to indicate the cleaved section of the hooves.

  7. Add the face

    Split the muzzle in half with a curved line for the mouth. Add an eye off-center in the circle. Blacken the corner of the muzzle for the nose.

  8. Sketch the stripes

    Add narrow triangles starting from the top of the body and pointing down. Repeat these shapes on the back of each leg. Color them black for the zebra stripes. Add lines to the mane.