How Are Dragonflies Helpful to People?

Dragonflies control the pest population. They help take care of biting insects that can be hazardous to human health as well as insects that can harm vegetation.

Dragonflies are often referred to as a mosquito hawk in North America. Their carnivorous appetite and fierce jaws allow them to eat anything they can catch, which they usually do while flying. Dragonflies help keep the mosquito and biting fly population in control, something human skin can appreciate. Dragonflies also eat aphids, which are tiny insects that are capable of destroying crops and other plants.

Dragonflies have very large eyes and incredible eyesight that allow them to seek out prey. Their four translucent wings allow them to hover and rapidly accelerate. They also breathe water through gills in their abdomens and use this water by quickly expelling it and using it like a jet-pack to propel them quickly though the air. Dragonflies live near lakes, ponds and streams through their larvae and adult lives. Their predators include frogs, fish, insect-eating birds and large spiders. Creating a garden pond is a good way to help conserve the dragonfly population and allow their survival skills to help people by ridding the area of unwanted biting insects.