What Are Some Facts About the Draco Lizard?

The Draco lizard, also known as the flying dragon, has membranes between its forelimbs and hind limbs that enable it to take gliding flights from tree to tree in its jungle habitat. A number of different species of Draco lizard inhabit the forests of southern India, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and the Indonesian islands of Borneo and East Timor.

Draco lizards grow to a length of about 8 inches. When they are ready to glide, they extend folds of skin supported by elongated ribs. They flatten their hind legs and use their long tails to steer. Although normal flights are limited to about 30 feet, they have been known to glide for distances of up to 200 feet. Their backs are mottled brown, and the undersides of the wings are blue on males and yellow on females. Within the two- or three-tree area a male claims, it is aggressively territorial. Draco lizards are insectivores whose main diet consists of termites and ants.

Draco lizards spend most of their lives in trees. However, females descend to the ground to lay their eggs. They push their snouts into the ground to create holes, deposit two to five eggs inside and then cover the eggs with dirt. They guard the eggs for a day before climbing back up into a tree, leaving the eggs to hatch on their own and the young lizards to fend for themselves.