What Don't Polar Bears Eat Penguins V3?

don-t-polar-bears-eat-penguins Credit: Winking Bear/Moment/Getty Images

Polar bears do not eat penguins because polar bears live in the Northern Hemisphere and penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere. Since the two species live in different parts of the world, they will never encounter each other. Back-end Testing

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Polar bears live in the Arctic. They inhabit Alaska, Norway, Canada, Greenland and Russia. Seals are the preferred meal of polar bears. The seal's blubber is consumed to help the polar bear replenish his fat stores. Seal fat has a high amount of calories and is an ideal food for an animal trying to stay fat.

Penguins live in Antarctica, New Zealand and Australia. The largest populations are found in Antarctica. Penguins feed on krill, squid and fish.