How Do Dolphins Survive?

Dolphins survive by living within groups to protect one another, by eating various food found throughout the ocean and by breathing when they surface. Their bodies also help to support them after millions of years of evolution to the slender, torpedo shape that can swim quickly and powerfully.

  1. They live together in pods.
  2. Dolphins are a species of animal that prefer to live together and it is rare to see a dolphin on its own. They live together in groups, from five dolphins up to several hundred dolphins, and not only live together, but also travel together. They will hunt together and play with one another. They are also known to interact with other dolphin species and whale species for socialization.
  3. They eat food found in the ocean.
  4. Dolphins eat different things depending on the species and on the climate. They most often eat fish, squid and octopus. Dolphins do not need to drink as humans do because the food that they eat often contains plenty of water so they ingest it when they eat their prey.
  5. They breathe air and breathe consciously while sleeping.
  6. Dolphins also survive by breathing air, which they do by coming up to the surface. They hold their breath underwater. When the dolphins sleep they must keep one-half of their brain conscious so that they can continue to breathe, as they are unable to involuntarily breathe while unconscious.