Do Dogs Get Yeast Infections?


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Yeast infections in dogs are most commonly observed when a dog is rubbing his ear or tilting his head excessively, and they can be identified by excessive wax buildup and scabbing, states WebMD. Yeast infections appear on the skin as scabby, reddened or crusty marks.

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Yeast is a form of fungi. Buildup in a dog’s ear can be painful and eventually cause deafness, according to WebMD. Causes for infection include allergens in the air, a ruptured eardrum or a trapped object.

An unpleasant smell often accompanies a yeast infection, reports 1-800-PetMeds. Anti-fungal shampoos and home remedies exist for eliminating yeast, and it is also recommended to see a licensed veterinarian to find the root cause for long-term and recurring infections.

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