Are There Any Dogs With Webbed Feet?


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The Catahoula leopard dog, which is a herding dog that grows to be up to 2 feet tall and up to 90 pounds in weight, has webbed feet. The dog's webbed feet make it an excellent swimmer and give it the ability to traverse soft, marshy land, such as in the bayous of Louisiana.

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Also known as a "hog dog" in Louisiana, it is a mix of greyhound, Spanish mastiff and various Native American dogs. It was bred to drive cattle and feral hogs.

The Catahoula leopard dog has a beautiful spotted coat, but can be solid, patched or brindle in a variety of shades. Its eyes can be amber, brown, green or blue, and some have two different colors within the same eye.

These independent and hard-working dogs require a lot of exercise. They are calm, loving and great companions. They should not be kept outside, because they do poorly when isolated and like to be around people. Since the Catahoula can be quite aggressive with other dogs, walking this dog off the leash is not recommended. Consistent training and a firm hand are needed with the Catahoula, and a fenced yard is generally recommended to give the dog space for exercising.

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