Why Do Dogs Tip Over Their Food Bowls?

dogs-tip-over-food-bowls Credit: Stefanie Broetz / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

Dogs may tip over their food bowls for various reasons. Some dogs tip over their food bowls because they think it is fun, or they prefer to eat their food on the ground. Other dogs are clumsy and knock over their food bowls when they are excited to eat. There is also the possibility that the dog does not like the material of the food bowl or just wants attention.

There are training methods that dog owners can use to stop their dogs from tipping over their food bowls. First, dog owners can spread newspaper around the dog's eating area. This sets the mood for the training, and it also makes cleaning up any messes easier. The second step is to establish meal times. This means that during a set duration of time, usually half an hour, owners should put the food bowl on the floor. After the time is up, the owner should remove the food bowl from the floor. The third step is to remain in the same room as the dog when he is eating. This enables owners to keep an eye on the dog and stop him from tipping over the bowl during the act. If training does not work, owners can purchase a bottom-heavy, tip-proof bowl.