Do Dogs Have Tear Ducts?


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Dogs have tear ducts and produce tears to keep their eyes lubricated, according to PetMD. Because they have tear ducts, dogs are prone to experience watery eyes, dry eyes, eye discharge and tear stains on their fur.

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Watery eyes happen in a number of circumstances, and some breeds are more prone to have this condition than others, PetMD reports. Chronic dry eye symptoms, similar to those in humans, appear in many dogs and are treated with topical medication. Pugs and Yorkshire terriers are particularly susceptible. Discharge from the tear ducts is often present in eye infections and requires veterinary treatment. Tear stains on a dog's fur, particularly when the dog is white or a light color, are troublesome to many pet owners. Products are available to help dog owners keep a dog's tears from staining the fur around the eyes.

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