Do dogs shed more in the winter ?


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Dogs shed their coats more in spring and autumn to prepare for the summer and winter months. In the spring, most dogs shed their thick winter undercoats to develop shorter fur for the hot summer months. In autumn, they shed their shorter and lighter undercoats to grow warmer winter coats.

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All animals with fur shed all year round, though some may shed less fur compared to others. Yorkshire terriers and poodles have continuously growing single-layer hair and lose very little hair compared to shelties and collies. Double-coated, long-haired breeds, such as collies and huskies, have soft, insulating undercoats and protective, harsh overcoats that cause them to shed profusely during spring and fall. Short-haired breeds with double coats may shed as much as long-haired breeds, though they may appear to shed less fur because their short hair goes unnoticed most of the time.

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