What Are Some Dogs That Do Not Shed?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a dog that doesn't shed; however, while all dogs shed to some degree, there are several breeds that shed less than others. Breeds shedding very little hair include the shih tzu, miniature and standard poodles, the bichon frisé, the giant schnauzer, the greyhound, the Kerry blue terrier and the Irish water spaniel.

In addition to reducing the amount of hair that has to be swept or vacuumed, dogs that shed lightly produce less dander. As dander triggers allergic reactions in certain humans, these dogs are better suited for households with allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Every dog must receive regular grooming, which includes bathing and brushing. Grooming ensures maximum comfort for both the dog and his human housemates.

Several low-shedding breeds also possess temperaments that make them excellent choices for households with children. Younger children in particular are often playful and noisy, which can either annoy or intimidate certain dogs. The bichon frisé, Mexican hairless and poodles are examples of low-shedding breeds that are generally good with children; however, every dog has a distinct personality, so be careful in selecting a pet. When a new dog comes into a home, appropriate training helps integrate him into the family.