How Do Dogs Get Mange?


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Dog contract mange by being exposed to the Sarcoptes scabei mite. Sarcoptic mange is very contagious and easily transfers from one dog to another. Dogs can also catch sarcoptic mange through objects used by infected dogs, such as blankets.

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How Do Dogs Get Mange?
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Sarcoptic mange is treated with oral and injectable medication. Special shampoos and other products may also be used to treat sarcoptic mange.

Another type of mange, called demodetic mange, is transferred between mother dogs and puppies. Typically, demodetic mange does not cause issues because dogs naturally have Demodex canis mites on their skin. However, particularly young dogs and older dogs may experience inflamed skin or hair loss from demodetic mange. Topical ointments, special shampoos and oral medication are generally the best way to treat demodetic mange.

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