Do Dogs Make Better Pets Than Cats?

dogs-make-better-pets-cats Credit: KERRYWHO/Moment/Getty Images

There are many reasons why both dogs and cats make good pets, and it is up to the owner to weigh the options of which suits her life, household and schedule best. Animal Planet suggests that cats require less work; they do not need walks, are quiet and clean. Some benefits to owning a dog, according to the Business Insider, are that dogs are highly active and are social animals.

For those who work often and are not home a lot, a cat might be the better choice, as cats typically require less attention. Cats are also great pets because they are easily entertained; string or a laser pointer often make great toys. According to Animal Planet, cats sleep a lot, they require less attention from their owner and are great at keeping away mice or insects.

Dogs are often perceptive, as they can pick up on your happiness or sadness. Dogs are also known to be very active, according to the Business Insider. They enjoy runs or walks and taking a dog out for these activities can provide the opportunity for a dog to socialize with other dogs, which they typically enjoy. The Business Insider recommends a pet dog for those seeking companionship, like the elderly.