Why are dogs good pets?


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Dogs are good pets because they provide people with companionship, genuine unconditional love, more opportunities for regular exercise, lower stress levels and better cardiovascular health, new life skills such as responsibility and compassion and make people happier. Dogs are also terrific pets for children because they show affection easily and will shower children with kisses, hugs and side-by-side naps.

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Scientists and researchers are showing that dogs increase the fitness levels of their owners as well as the social interaction of their owners as they require walks. They also help to give their owners the feeling of emotional well-being and lower stress levels. Dog owners also have been shown to have better immune systems, to be on less medication and to have fewer illnesses and to have fewer mental health issues than those people without dogs. Children benefit from dogs because they get a chance to practice responsibility and to learn about compassion. Children with a lot of anxiety and stress will also have a constant companion to help temper nerves.

It should be noted that there are both good and bad reasons to get a dog. Good reasons include socialization, companionship, loss of another dog, for children, to be a companion for another pet and regular exercise. Bad reasons include nagging children, marital difficulties, a surprise gift, impulse or as a fashion statement.

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