How Do You Get Dogs to Get Along?

Get dogs to get along with each other by introducing them on neutral territory, walking them together side by side, and then bringing them home together. Once at home with the new pet, enter people first, then the dog or dogs who lived there first, followed by the new dog.

  1. Introduce the dogs on neutral territory

    Always introduce two unfamiliar dogs to each other away from either dog's home. This keeps the dogs from being on the defensive and trying to protect their territory.

  2. Take the dogs on a walk together

    After the dogs greet each other, take them on a long walk. Walk the dogs side by side to emphasizes their equality, and give them a chance to get to know each other. Make the walk long enough to use up any restless energy and tire the dogs out. This helps keep the dogs calm later.

  3. Enter the home

    End the walk at home. People should enter the home first to establish their position as pack leaders and to show that they are inviting the dogs to enter. Next, the dog that previously lived in the home should enter so that he feels he is leading the new dog. The new dog should enter last.