How Do You Find Dogs for Adoption in Ottawa?

The Ottawa Humane Society rescues abandoned and homeless animals, including dogs, and put them up for adoption when they are ready for a new home. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Western Quebec is also one of the organizations that put rescued dogs up for adoption.

Founded in 1888, the Ottawa Humane Society is one of the leading organizations for animal protection in Ottawa, Ontario. To find adoptable dogs in the care of OHS, visit the site's homepage at and choose Dogs for Adoption under the Adopt tab on the top menu. Click the dog's name to get more information about the dog, viewing times and the necessary documents when filing an application for adoption. The OHS site also provides a list of pet adoption locations within Ottawa.

The SPCA of Western Quebec in Gatineau is about 20 kilometers away from the OHS in Ottawa. Similar to the OHS, the SPCA is a no-kill organization that rescues and takes care of homeless and abused animals. The organization provides information about adoptable rescued pets on its website as well as on Dedicated to finding a perfect match for its rescued animals, the SPCA of Western Quebec facilitates an adoption process that the adopter needs to complete. The organization also reserves its right to refuse or reject an adopter's application if it deems the individual unable to provide a matching home for the dog.