Why Does a Dog Throw up Yellow Bile?


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Vet Street explains that when a dog vomits up yellow bile, it is an indicator of an empty stomach. According to Pet MD, the bile serves the function of helping the stomach digest foods. Throwing up the bile is a spontaneous physical reaction to it being a mild irritant. A complete examination by a veterinarian is needed to determine what course of treatment to follow in chronic cases.

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According to Pet MD, a vomiting dog may be suffering from bilious vomiting syndrome, a condition caused by bile entering the stomach through the intestine. This abnormal situation triggers vomiting due to stomach irritation caused by the acid in the bile. Dogs experiencing bile irritation commonly throw up either early in the morning or later in the evening. Vomiting is likely to occur between meals. Dogs that eat only once a day are more likely to vomit up bile.

Pet medical experts have not determined a conclusive cause for bile vomiting. However, it is generally thought to be linked with longer times between feeding. Experts recommend reducing the time between feedings. If vomiting of bile is accompanied by other symptoms that affect the eyes, gums, skin or behavior there could be a more serious underlying medical problem.

According to Dr. Kristy Conn and Cesar's Way, chronic vomiting in a dog is a symptom that is used to diagnose disease and other issues. A dog experiencing chronic vomiting should be taken to the veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.

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