How Do You Get a Dog to Stop Chewing?

How Do You Get a Dog to Stop Chewing?

How Do You Get a Dog to Stop Chewing?

To get a dog to stop chewing, it is important to dog-proof your house and discourage chewing inappropriate items. Supervise the dog until the chewing problem is under control.

  1. Dog-proof your house

    Check your house for any possible dangers for your dog. Put away items that might appeal to your dog, such as household cleaners, children's toys and clothing materials. Do not allow your dog into rooms that haven't been dog-proofed.

  2. Discourage inappropriate chewing

    Discourage your dog from inappropriate chewing by directing his attention away from the object. Take the item away, and replace it with an appropriate chew toy. Avoid toys that might end up being swallowed and injuring your dog. Give your dog edible chew toys, but make sure that these treats are of appropriate and recommended sizes.

  3. Do your best to supervise your dog

    Supervise your dog until his chewing behavior is under control. Spend a lot of time with him by engaging him in playtime. Give him plenty of physical exercise to redirect his energy, and distract him from chewing inappropriate objects. If you leave him unsupervised, make sure that your dog has already spent his energy in a play session. Do this with your dog regularly.