Why Does My Dog Sleep so Much?

dog-sleep-much Credit: Chris Stein/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The age and type of dog helps determine the amount of sleep it needs, notes Dog'sHealth.com. Diseases and medical conditions are also sometimes a factor in a dog's sleep.

It is normal for a dog to sleep, or take naps, many times during the day. The amount of sleep varies among breeds. If a dog is not active between naps, it could be experiencing depression or a medical problem. According to Dog'sHealth.com, a decrease in activity level; lack of energy and enthusiasm; and loss in appetite or weight could indicate the dog is depressed. However, this could also be a sign of medical problems. Dogs that are depressed need tender love and care. According to John Ciribassi, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, it could take them a few days or a few months to recover from depression.

Older dogs need more rest, notes Dog'sHealth.com. Despite the age of the dog, a way to combat fatigue is to feed it proper food. The dog's food should have the proper nutrients with no added fillers, says Dog Food Advisor. If a dog is acting abnormal, the best thing to do is to see a veterinarian, as there are many types of medical conditions that can cause a dog to be lethargic, according to Dog'sHealth.com