How Do You Know What Dog You Should Get?


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Things to consider when choosing which dog to get are temperament, grooming, trainability and exercise needs. Health is another important consideration, since some breeds are more prone to health issues, which puts additional financial strain on owners.

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Temperament refers to how the dog behaves. For example, a family with young children is better-suited for a mild-mannered dog that enjoys lounging about the house, while an active, sporty family may prefer a dog that enjoys playing and hiking.

Grooming needs differ from breed to breed. If a dog's potential owner has time to brush the dog's fur or trim its nails regularly, or has the means to hire someone to do so, then long-haired, high-maintenance dogs are an option. Alternatively, if the dog would spend a lot of time alone, or the potential owner is not interested in regular grooming, a low-maintenance dog is a better choice.

Trainability is especially important if the owner wants a dog that responds to commands or performs tricks. Dogs with higher intelligence are easier to train. This can also affect how easy it is to teach a dog to use the bathroom outside instead of making a mess inside.

A potential dog owner should consider how much time is available each day to devote to exercise with the dog. With lots of time to exercise, an energetic dog may be the best option. However, if there is little spare time per day, a dog who enjoys lounging may be a better choice.

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