Why Is My Dog Shaking and Vomiting?

According to Central Houston Animal Hospital, shaking and vomiting in dogs often signifies acute abdominal pain. Acute abdominal pain is caused by a variety of factors that include viral or bacterial infections, pancreatitis and gallbladder rupture. It is extremely important for dog owners to consult with a veterinarian as soon as possible to ensure proper treatment. Additional causes of shaking and vomiting in dogs include nausea, dehydration and Addison's disease.

According to WebMD, nausea is a common cause for shaking and vomiting in dogs. Nausea in dogs can result from underlying kidney disease, liver disease, overeating and ingestion of toxic substances. Additional signs of nausea include yawning, lip smacking, salivating and excessive swallowing.

VCA Animal Hospitals explains that vomiting and intermittent shaking are sometimes symptoms of Addison's disease, a condition caused by decreased hormone production of the outer cortex of the adrenal gland. Additional clinical signs of Addison's disease include increased thirst, increased urination, lethargy and diarrhea. Addison's disease is treatable with medications and the prognosis is good in most cases. In certain cases, Addison's disease can cause severe symptoms that include sudden weakness, severe vomiting, severe diarrhea and collapse. This acute syndrome is referred to as an "Addisonian Crisis." Dogs must be hospitalized immediately to ensure prompt and effective treatment.