Why Is My Dog Pulling His Fur Out?

Perfect Paws explains that pain is the most common cause for a dog chewing its fur out, but anxiety is another common cause. Concerned dog owners should seek consultation with a veterinarian to determine whether the problem is psychological or medical and determine an appropriate course of action.

According to Perfect Paws, pulling hair out is an act of self-mutilation that is often used by dogs that have no other outlet for nervous energy. Once a medical issue has been ruled out, regular exercise and attention are the best ways to prevent your dog from chewing out its own fur.

Veterinary Partner explains that fur chewing may also be related to itchiness or other skin irritation. Dogs with fleas may self-mutilate in an attempt to be rid of the pests and find relief from the constant itching. Flea treatment is one possible way to cure your dog of this frustrating habit.

If the dog is pulling out its fur in one particular spot, WebMD advises owners to check the dog for a “hot spot,” a red, wet, irritated area that arises from persistent chewing, licking, scratching or rubbing. Hot spots are extremely painful and uncomfortable to the dog until medicated.