What Are Some Dog Potty Training Tips?


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House training a dog involves establishing a routine, providing supervision and confining the dog when necessary. House training a dog should include positive reinforcement rather than punishment.

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Whether house training a puppy or an adult dog, a routine needs to be established and maintained. This means feeding the dog at the same time every day, as well as providing regular bathroom breaks. Puppies can control their bladders for one hour of every month of their age. ASPCA recommends giving adult dogs the opportunity to eliminate waste outside at least four times a day. For best results, the timing for outdoor bathroom breaks should be consistent. For puppies, it's necessary to provide supervision. Puppies should be kept near their owners. At the first signs of needing to eliminate, take the puppy out. These signs include whining, scratching the door, circling and squatting in preparation to eliminate. Likewise, when accompanied outdoors, puppies should be led to the desired spot for elimination.

Both puppies and adult dogs need to be confined if left alone for long periods of time, such as during work hours. Dogs won't soil where they rest, so the area should be just large enough for lying down comfortably. Positive reinforcement works best for any dog training. Puppies or adult dogs should be rewarded whenever they eliminate outdoors to reinforce the good habit.

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