What Do Dog Poop Signs Indicate?

Dogs feces is able to predict a series of health indicators, including constipation, dietary issues, lack of protein, diarrhea and bacterial infection, according to PetMD. Pet owners should regularly review pet poop to look for signs of these issues.

There are a series of factors regarding dog poop which owners should occasionally analyze. These include color, size, form and smell, according to PetMD.

The color of dog poop ranges depending on breed and diet, but it should always be brown. A key indicator of problems is when the color changes without any corresponding changes in the pet's diet. If bright colors are discovered, the dog may be eating foreign objects, per PetMD

Dog poop size, like color, also varies greatly depending on diet. However, if a dog begins to have much larger bowel movements, this the dog is not properly absorbing some nutrients, according to PetMD.

There is a standard health form of dog feces, states PetMD. It should be firm, cylindrical and round. A small soft portion is normal, but if the entire poop is soft, seek medical help. If the poop is incredibly round or compact, constipation becomes a concern. Finally, when a dog's poop begins to smell more than normal, this is a strong indicator of bacterial infection.