How Do You Get a Dog to Like You?

How Do You Get a Dog to Like You?

Getting a dog to like you requires staying calm and assertive in all situations. When meeting a new dog, it is imperative that you wait for the dog to approach you, rather than pursuing the dog.

Remain calm when initially approaching a dog. Canines pick up on humans' feelings and moods. Too much eagerness can not only excite the dog, but perhaps cause it to scare or anger. Detecting a relaxed demeanor helps the dog to feel at ease.

Experts suggest ignoring a dog when first meeting it. Rather than politely and calmly trying to pet it, simply pretend it's not there. This gives the dog a chance to observe, and you a chance to observe the dog.

Let the dog come to you. After it has had a chance to watch you and see what you're like, it can make the choice to approach. This allows the dog to feel comfortable, without feeling threatened or pushed into a situation. Take the dog for a walk. This is a great way to establish a positive relationship.

Throughout your relationship with any dog, the pet of a friend or your own furry family member, remain assertive. Positive energy is the best way to achieve a strong relationship.