What Do I Do If My Dog Licks a Toad?

dog-licks-toad Credit: Torrey Wiley/CC-BY-2.0

Dogs exhibiting signs of toad venom toxicosis after licking a toad should be transported to the closest veterinarian for treatment. Because it can lead to death, this condition is considered a health emergency, according to PetMD.

Toads submit a load of toxin whenever they feel endangered. This venom is toxic to pets and can cause symptoms like profuse drooling, difficulty breathing, pawing at the eyes or mouth, crying, seizures, difficulty breathing, high temperature and unsteady movements.

The vet will flush the mouth and eyes of the dog to remove any residual venom. Other treatment goals include stabilizing the dog's body temperature and possibly administering cardiac medication to stabilize any heartbeat irregularities caused by the venom. An anesthetic may also be administered to make the dog more comfortable.