Why Does My Dog Get the Hiccups a Lot?

Dogs get the hiccups for a variety of reasons, just like humans, according to The Daily Puppy. Typically, puppies get hiccups far more frequently than adult dogs. Hiccups in dogs are caused by a spasming diaphragm. In most cases, hiccups are normal and not a symptom of a larger problem.

According to The Daily Puppy, adult dogs often get the hiccups after eating, particularly when they eat their food too fast. When a dog consumes his dish very quickly, he swallows air while eating his food. Too much air in the stomach is a frequent cause of hiccups. Spreading your dog's food across a wider surface, such as a cookie sheet, can help him to slow down when eating. Your dog can also get the hiccups if he is stressed or scared. Easing his anxiety or distracting him can help his breathing to return to normal and stop hiccups.

Other causes of hiccups include certain types of medication. Pet Manage lists asthma and pneumonia as possible health conditions that can cause hiccups. Allergies, particularly smoke, are aggravating to dogs and can cause hiccups. If your dog hiccups non-stop, a veterinarian may prescribe medication to ease the spasms. Puppies generally grow out of hiccups as they get older.