What Is a Dog Gestation Calculator?


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A gestation calculator is used to determine a dog’s due date, the amount of time a dog is pregnant and how long a dog’s gestation period lasts. Knowing the first date that a dog is bred by day, month and year, the gestation calculator provides an expected due date.

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Gestation begins when a bitch’s ova are fertilized by a male’s sperm. A gestation period is the average time it takes from the day of mating to the day puppies arrive. It is usually about 59 to 65 days but can be as long as 70 days. The embryo is considered to be a fetus on the 35th day of gestation. Around day 45, veterinary assistance should be sought, as the skeletons of the growing puppies have formed.

If a pregnancy is uncertain, a vet can use an ultrasound or blood test around day 25 to ascertain pregnancy. A veterinarian can also determine how many puppies there are through an x-ray and can check the dog’s health in preparation for the upcoming birth. A bitch’s silhouette begins to change in preparation for labor. One of the first signs of an impending birth may be the production of milk, usually about one week before the actual event.

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