What Are Some Dog Foods That Are Made in the USA?


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Some dog foods that are made in the United States include Merrick, who also creates cat food and gathers all its foods from local farms while not including any artificial coloring, additives, or sweeteners to the products, also EVO, which contains more proteins and fats, as well as less carbs and starches to replicate the diet of wild animals more closely, according to USA Love List.

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Dog food companies such as California Natural that specializes in wet and dry dog food and are recommended for dogs that follow the rotational feeding program, that stresses that a variety of proteins introduced into a dogs diet is optimal for the health of the animal. Like EVO, California Natural is manufactured in Hereford, Texas and are both subsidiaries of Nutura Pet Products which highly regulate the manufacturing process that both foods go through to ensure that the products are of the highest standards, and that all meats pass USDA inspection standards.

Wysong manufacturers dog food with all natural ingredients and no added sugars, colors, or preservatives. The Wysong manufacturing company does extensive research on every ingredient within their food to ensure that every ingredient within their food has a nutritional value for the dog, according to USA Love List.

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