Why Does My Dog Have Dandruff?


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Dandruff is caused by dry skin and usually appears as white flakes. Luckily, dandruff in dogs is not dangerous and should be easy to treat through a combination of good grooming, pet oils, proper bathing and moisturizing.

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The first step in addressing dog dandruff is to groom the dog. Dogs that are brushed on a daily basis not only feel good, but also get their natural oils distributed throughout their coat to help massage their skin. Choose a brush that is not too hard or soft so that it does not aggravate the skin .

The next step is to purchase pet oils that are available at doggie spas and natural pet stores. These oils soothe dry skin and keep the dog moisturized. Spraying these on the dog throughout the day will help.

The third step is to bathe the dog consistently. Regular bathing is necessary for dogs, and it may help keep dandruff away. After bathing, moisturize the dog's skin with an all-natural cream by putting it on the dog's coat and massaging it against the direction of the fur so that it gets down to the skin. Repeat these steps regularly and and the dandruff problem should go away quickly.

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