What Are Some Dog Dander Remedies?


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Some common dog dandruff remedies include apple cider vinegar, olive oil and coconut oil. These treatments are common ingredients present in most homes and take effect within hours of application. These treatments can become very messy, especially if the dog is fussy, so immediate bathing after application is necessary.

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If the owner does not wish to apply different lubrication on the dog to remove the dandruff, it is possible for the dog to have less dandruff if the owner grooms the dog daily. With constant maintenance of the dog's fur and daily brushing, an owner can smooth and even out the natural oils the dog produces. Massaging the dog's skin also prevents dandruff build-up.

Regular bathing of the pet is also an invaluable tool in fighting pet dandruff; by keeping the dog clean daily, dandruff build-up should significantly decrease. When bathing dogs, moisturizing pet shampoos and conditioners are available from pet supply stores, as well as canine medical shampoos that work specifically to fight pet dandruff and other skin conditions. All-natural hand creams for humans also work on a pet's skin if pet moisturizers are unavailable at the time. The owner can simply massage the moisturizer into the pet's skin evenly.

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