Are Dog Cysts Painful for the Dog?


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Some cysts are painful for dogs and some are not as it depends on the type of the cyst as well as where it is located. One cyst, in particular, that is painful for dogs is the ear cyst, also known as chloesteatoma.

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Are Dog Cysts Painful for the Dog?
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A cyst in a dog is the same as a cyst in a human. It involves a hollow space that has a solid or liquid interior and is found underneath body tissue. Sometimes, the cyst is noncancerous and not painful such as the follicular cysts, which occur from ingrown hairs. However, cysts can also be cancerous and can be quite painful. Owners should never attempt to remove their dog's cyst or to squeeze it in any way. If the owner notices that the dog has a cyst, the dog should be taken in to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

To accurately diagnose the cyst, the veterinarian will need to examine the cyst and to look at the tissue under a microscope via a biopsy or a complete removal of the cyst. Most of the time, the treatment process is simple and involves surgically removing the entire cyst. If the cyst was cancerous then the dog may need additional cancer treatments to stop the spread of the cancer and to minimize existing cancer.

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