What Does a Dog Chiropractor Do?


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A canine chiropractor uses their hands to make adjustments to the joints and spines of dogs. A dog chiropractor assesses the animal's condition before creating a treatment plan.

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Dog chiropractors can treat limps and pains that cause motion performance issues. A notable problem that dog chiropractors treat is subluxation, a condition that leads to a loss of spinal flexibility, resulting in muscle complications and restricted movement. Other symptoms include stiffness and posture changes. Chiropractic care for dogs can also alleviate neck complications and muscle spasms.

Canine chiropractors refer to notes taken by veterinary experts before commencing a therapeutic plan. Reputable chiropractors avoid treating canines that have not seen a medical professional. Veterinarians may also recommend a chiropractor for dogs that are in pain. Chiropractors can assist veterinarians in issuing a proper diagnosis relating to joint and muscle complications. Chiropractic care for canines is not meant to replace veterinary care.

Chiropractic therapy does not involve medication or surgery, and it can be an alternative to surgery. The process involves a tailored thrust to problematic areas of the body. Some dogs may only require one session, while others may need multiple adjustments. The recovery process varies according to the animal, but some show fast improvement in cases of spinal adjustments. Dogs may exhibit lethargy for a couple days before recovering.

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