What Dog Breeds Have Ugly Puppies?


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According to The 10 Most Known, the Chinese crested, puli, Xoloitzcuintli, Bergamasco and Portuguese water dogs are the dog breeds that have ugly puppies. The appearance of the puppies from these different breeds varies from being too thin to being completely hairless.

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What Dog Breeds Have Ugly Puppies?
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Adult Chinese crested dogs have won awards for their ugly looks. The puppies from this dog breed look thin and are hairless. Dogs belonging to the puli breed look like they are covered with dreadlocks. Their puppies have fur covering up their facial features. Xoloitzcuintli puppies, also known as Mexican hairless dogs, are grey or ebony in color and are devoid of fur.

As full grown adults, Bergamasco dogs have a shaggy appearance. Their puppies look like miniature versions of their parents. The distinguishing feature of Portuguese water dogs is the thick, dark, curly fur that covers their entire bodies. The puppies from this breed have an unkempt look even after grooming. Puppies from some other breeds like the petit Brabançon puppies are considered to be ugly. These puppies have large eyes, a rounded tail and scanty fur.

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