What Are Some Dog Breeds That Get Along With Children?


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Some dog breeds that get along well with children include bulldogs, beagles, boxers and golden retrievers. All of these breeds are friendly, loyal and obedient, making them a good fit for families with children.

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The bulldog is a calm and friendly animal that makes a strong bond with the families and children that care for it. Bulldogs are energetic puppies that calm down as they get older with the firm and gentle leadership of the family. Beagles are energetic and friendly animals that lovingly interact with children. They require frequent exercise and maintain a playful demeanor throughout their lives. The main concern for a beagle is overfeeding. Teach children not to feed table scraps or overfeed their new friend to prevent serious health issues.

The golden retriever is another sweet and docile dog that is a good fit for children. The golden requires regular exercise but otherwise is very adaptable to a variety of living situations. This breed is known for being a loyal companion that are intelligent and easy to train. Boxers are known for their desire to have affection, especially from children. They are a high energy active job that require a lot of play time. This makes them a good fit for young high energy children. They also enjoy mental stimulation activities which make them good playmate companions for children.

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