Why Does My Dog Bite His Paws?


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There are many reasons why a dog constantly bites or licks at its paws, including anxiety, allergic reaction, dry skin and pain. Biting at the paws is a common occurrence in dogs, but it can cause injury.

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Allergic reaction or contact dermatitis can happen when the skin of the paws comes in contact with irritants, such as soap or pesticides. Dry skin on the paws is more common for dogs during the winter due to the dry air. Pain that can cause biting comes from cuts, thorns or splinters in the paw.

To prevent a dog from licking its paws constantly, owners should examine the paw for injury or signs of irritation. For anxiety issues, owners should try to redirect the dog's attention away from the paw. If the biting of the paw continues or causes injury, medical attention from a veterinarian is necessary.

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