Why Is My Dog Acting Crazy?

There are many reasons why a dog may act crazy, but one of the most common is a reaction to a fearful noise. Most dogs have sensitive hearing, and this can cause them to freak out at the slightest sound. It is advised to take a crazy dog to a veterinarian so that any medical problems can either be ruled out or treated.

According to the ASPCA, some dog breeds are highly susceptible to fearful noises, and thus the problem can be genetic. Apart from this, phobias or fears can also be learned behaviors from a young age. If a dog links a particular sound with an unpleasant experience, the dog is likely to act crazy whenever he hears that sound again.

It is possible to train dogs who are fearful of loud or sharp noises not to display extreme reactions through a process known as systematic desensitization and counterconditioning. This treatment method uses modified behavior to help a dog feel relaxed or at ease when a certain noise is made. This procedure may take a considerable amount of time, and there may be setbacks.

Crazy dogs require help. The problem must be identified and treated so that normal behavior may be displayed.