Are Dobermans Dangerous?

dobermans-dangerous Credit: Dennis Fischer Photography/Moment Open/Getty Images

The Most 10 lists Doberman pinschers as the seventh most dangerous dog breed, but the Gentle Doberman is careful to distinguish between aggressive and vicious behavior. Bred to protect and defend, the Doberman needs proper exercise and stimulation in order to curb truly dangerous behavior. The Gentle Doberman maintains that an abused Doberman is only slightly more dangerous than a similarly misused nonaggressive dog breed.

The Gentle Doberman describes the Doberman pinscher as a naturally fearless dog breed that can be trained to bite or attack only on command, obedient even in high-stress situations. A confident Doberman looks to its owner or handler for cues on how to respond to unfamiliar sounds, sights and smells, which means that it requires a calm, reliable and consistent owner. Although the breed is extremely intelligent, the Gentle Doberman cautions against believing this means a Doberman needs less training; due to its strength, size and mass, even a friendly Doberman can frighten or injure someone out of carelessness. However, socialized, trained and happy, a Doberman pinscher is a devoted and affectionate creature, able to play with children safely and simultaneously protect them from harm. A Doberman can often be found following its owner from place to place.